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  • TNGHT is the duo of Hudson Mohawke and Montreal beatsmith Lunice—an intuitive pairing, given the musicians' mutual fondness for trance-dusted trap music. Their debut recording, a split release between Warp and LuckyMe, is a short EP—five tracks long, it only clocks in at 16 minutes total—but it packs plenty of punch. After the two-minute "Top Floor," which sounds like a ghoulish fusion of boom-bap and Dead Can Dance, they explode into full-on rave mode with "Goooo." With a keening, 8-bit lead, chanted whoops, death-spiral snare rolls and gabber-grade supersaws, it arrives like a low-rider plowing through the brostep tent. Upping the tempo to 160 beats per minute, "Higher Ground" feels like a fusion of juke and Southern bounce. Looped vocals and insistent claps play against rickety triplet rhythms and half-time swagger, with action-flick trombones pushing things to the brink. With "Bugg'n," they bust out a kind of half-speed grime, with pots-and-pans percussion and liquid bleeps that draw a line from Wiley's "Ice Rink" to Drexciya's underwater dominion. "Easy Easy" is similar: slow, spacious and profoundly fucked up, with gun-cocks and smashing glass punctuating what sounds like a chorus of delirious car alarms. It's a boisterous, bruising record, yet nimble where it counts, and way more clever than your average thuggish bombast.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Top Floor A2 Goooo A3 Higher Ground B1 Bugg'n B2 Easy Easy