Gingy & Bordello - Iron & Water Remixes

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  • Following records from Nautiluss, Locked Groove and Gingy & Bordello, as well as the New Jack Techno compilation, Turbo's technofication continues apace, this time with remixes of Gingy & Bordello's recent Iron & Water EP. The originals were are elemental as the title—warehouse-grade tools with a hair-raising air to them—and for the most part, the remixers stick with the plan. Locked Groove smoothes the 3-against-4 bass bleats of "Panopticon" into a steadier 4/4 pattern, and he smothers the live-wire sonics in dank reverb, but for the most part, he keeps his interventions minimal. Likewise, T. Jijn sticks with the growling vowel tones of "Ausbruch," adding distortion and easing off the 16th notes to come up with something considerably stormier than the original. The clanging jack track "Iron & Water" gets two reworks. Cicerio goes the more obvious route, pairing dub techno with melodic organ pads, but Kevin McPhee's mix is more distinctive, opening with dusky chords and synthetic seagull cries before stomping into action, wreathing tough kicks and stabs in a halo of 32nd-note delay. There are echoes of both Ricardo Villalobos' mix of Shackleton's "Blood on My Hands" and Sister-era Sonic Youth as it crests to its sky-rending climax.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Panopticon (Locked Groove Remix) A2 Ausbruch (J Tijn Remix) B1 Iron & Water (Kevin McPhee Remix) B2 Iron & Water (Cicerio Remix)