Le Loup - 4 My Homie EP

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  • You could be forgiven for thinking that a seven-track EP hints at a scattergun approach—throw enough at the punters and some of it will stick. But that's not the case for Leonard Perret's elephantine EP for Seuil's Eklo imprint. 4 My Homie is more like a finely-crafted album minus the fillers. It kicks off with "Lost Treasure," a snappy, percussive techy track with glistening pads that have been flipped backwards. "Sweet Touch" is just plain beautiful, reverberating with deep analogue funk stabs, breathy angelic sighs, primeval grunts and a welcome return to those lesser-spotted congas that once populated every house tune circa 1999. Seuil joins Le Loup for the epic, shape-shifting "Réverie," occupying the crease for over 11 minutes across skeletal samba beats and submarine sonar blips before three-quarters of the way through it morphs into a growling, squelching techno workout of complex rhythmical structure. "Ghettos of the Mind" creates a Knuckles-type early house groove out of a lugubrious male vocal sample and fizzing 909 drums, while "Mystery Unfolds" thunders along to an angry bass kick and hissing snares. "Brother Land" harnesses smoky Detroit-ish pads and ethereal noddling, before "Sundance" leads us back towards the mood of "Sweet Touch" with its jazzy St Germain-esque vocal loops, banks of comforting synths and semi-recumbent hip-hop beats. The frightening/exciting thing is that if this is an EP, what's an album going to sound like?
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lost Treasure A2 Sweet Touch B Reverie feat. Seuil C1 Ghettos of the Mind C2 The Mystery Unfolds D1 Brotherland D2 Sundance