Dusky - Flo Jam

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  • Under their Dusky moniker, production duo Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman are on quite a run at the moment. Adding further lustre to their name is the Flo Jam EP on Alex Arnout's Dogmatik. The four tracks show a kindred spirit for the '90s, their roots nodding to the house and garage of a decade that did much to inform the youth of so many of today's artists. But while the choppy percs and lofty pad of the title track may initially feel overfamiliar, there's zip to the marriage of chords and bassline that underpin the title track, marking it out from the crowd alongside the likes of Huxley and Russo's Leftroom cuts. "Every Day" may lean even further towards the two-step shuffle, but its simple blend of punchy percs and bright chords is executed with more than a handful of modern nous, its crispness and sheer boisterousness making it infectious rather than disposable. "Mystics" ploughs a similar furrow to the title track—echoey, FX-laden vox, austere pads, rasping bassline—but "Numerical" as if recognising this, kicks the EP up a notch at the finish, its combination of staccato percussion, booming notes and raw energy ensuring you don't leave Flo Jam dissatisfied.
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      A1 Flo Jam A2 Every Day B1 Mystics B2 Numerical