Phase - Binary Opposition Reprocessed

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  • That a track as straightforward as Phase's "Binary Opposition" could spawn six such wildly varied offspring is a testament to the very concept of remixing. The original, a massive cut that didn't so much lumber as stampede, has found many forms here: thunderous stomp in Ben Klock and Sigha, fragmentation in Ctrls and Inigo Kennedy, mid-range doggedness in Peter van Hoesen and Planetary Assault Systems. But even these groupings feel somewhat arbitrary. Klock's version, for instance, has mostly kept the galloping bass between the beats, while Sigha's has dropped it altogether in pursuit of a more stripped aesthetic. The former is also differentiated by a lively, chord-laden mid-section, an element which was completely absent from the original. In the hands of both Ctrls and Inigo Kennedy, there's no room for this kind of prettiness. The former, whose debut was released by Token just a few months ago, opts for a pummelling breakbeat, placing searing stabs and ghoulish cries on top. It's the kind of thing that'd do well on Perc Trax. Kennedy's version is shot through with a warmer kind of melody, but it's still unsettling, reinforcing the threat of the corroded beats which lurk below it. Van Hoesen's remix sounds strangely flattened. There's very little bass to speak of and the high-end is all feathery scratch rather than metallic slice. But true to form, the Belgian still finds plenty of room for detail, festooning his beats in wiry synths and sending pulses of energy along their spans. The final remix, from Planetary Assault Systems, is less fluid, leading with a big, abrasive motif that barely changes for the entire duration.
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      Part 1 A1 Sigha Process A2 Peter Van Hoesen Process Part 2 A1 Planetary Assault Systems Process A2 Ctrls Process Part 3 A1 Ben Klock Process A2 Inigo Kennedy Process