Leon Vynehall - Gold Language

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  • Brighton's Leon Vynehall has a dramatic name, with echoes of wild beasts and Viking feasts, and his music follows suit. "Gold Language" moves with a combative swagger, emboldened by thick bass and punchy drums. Punctuating its ungainly groove with woozy scraps of rap, "Gold Language" puts the extreme syncopations of footwork to work in a tune that otherwise recalls Gerry Read's jazz-sampling house jams. With so many different drum lines running so perilously out of sync, it feels like it might go spinning off its axis at any second, but soft piano chords and a gliding lead help maintain a sense of balance. Slower and more straightforward, "Don't Know Why" struts like a peacock, brandishing rich Rhodes chords and metallic accents above its sternum-thumping bassline and pitched-down vocal samples; it's like the hard-knocks version of hip-house, bloodied but unbowed. Finally, Gang Colours take the opposite route with their remix of "Gold Language," wrapping splintered percussion in soft chords and staccato piano melodies to quietly quixotic effect.
  • Tracklist
      A Gold Language B1 Don't Know Why B2 Gold Language (Gang Colours Remix)