Ornette - Crazy

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  • Originally released on France's Discograph imprint last year, Ornette's "Crazy" has now been handed over to a number of Get Physical's willing friends and family. The most visible of these is Noze's remix, and while this may be the most instantly arresting interpretation on the package, it's not necessarily the one you should be most excited about. The original record shifts rapidly in tone, opening with a thick, warm organ and a restrained vocal before breaking into a poppy, upbeat refrain. Unsurprisingly the remixes all ignore the latter part of what could quite easily be two different records, building their own arrangements around fractions of the vocal and those lovely, moody chords. Noze's version is certainly effective, opening with a softly filtered a cappella before breaking quickly into a robotic throb of a bassline over which the vocals develop very nicely indeed. Not massively complicated, but well done all the same. Phonique's mix starts extremely promisingly, a twisted arpeggio of synth worming its way in and out of the filters, but it's let off the leash a bit quickly for my liking and becomes a spiky mess with too many leads all vying for your attention. Lopazz & Casio Casino's Roofmix sits somewhere between lounge and main room post-dubstep (new sub-genre alert?) and works very well, but it's Nick's Call the Cops remix that you should focus upon. Making by far the best use of the vocal by resting it low in the mix under lush pads that break to reveal gloriously muted shades of sunlight midway through the track, it soothes, excites and moves in impressively equal measure.
  • Tracklist
      01. Ornette (Noze Remix Extended Club Version) 02. Ornette (Phonique Remix) 03. Ornette (Nick's Call the Cops Remix) 04. Ornette (Lopazz & Casio Casino Roofmix) 05. Ornette