Mambotur - Elemental Remixes Pt. 1

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  • Much has happened since Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci last teamed up as Mambotur. But while trends have shifted, the duo betrays no rustiness on "Plane," their first track together since 2005 and a teaser for their forthcoming Elemental album on Cosmo. The thing positively pops from your speakers, its organic percussion panned wide to accommodate a big, smooth bassline. But as well-mixed as this track is, the song that underpins it, sung by Brito with an assist from Los Updates' king of sleaze Jorge González, does much to humanize the sound design. Paris duo Masomenos are up first on remix duty, and though their dissociative approach basically warps the song out of existence, the original's impressive sonics more or less stay intact. It's not as interesting an approach as could be taken, but that's where Ricardo Villalobos comes in: after a string of beautiful but increasingly formulaic remixes with Max Loderbauer, the superstar shows he's still among the best remixers of vocal material in the game. While he doesn't do much to justify its 13-minute runtime, basically just installing drugged-up flutters of the vocal over driving percussion, Villalobos pokes, prods and grooves as only he can, and the minutes pass by with commendable swiftness.
  • Tracklist
      A Planes (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) B1 Planes (Masomenos Remix) B2 Planes