Lory D - Strange Days Vol 2

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  • Italian Lory D'Angelo has been making piledriver techno for over two decades with his Sounds Never Seen label. More recently he's found a home in the Glaswegian Numbers axis, which released his first Strange Days EP last year, two highly combustible bursts of acid-drizzled 4/4. Volume two isn't much of a departure. A-side "B-l-132 Acid" is the less flashy one. Squirming defiantly before the banging drums come in and things start to—rather slowly—percolate, the track takes its sweet time to really lift off, skating the surface with a skippy snare and hats. When the bassline finally bursts into being, it's a prickly midrange buzz rather than the clichéd acid squelch. The tension built here is unbearable and unmatched by the relatively tame climax, which saps some energy from the rushing rapids. "Acidattak" more than sets things right, however. Bursting out of the gates with nothing resembling an intro, it's a nasty, frothing tsunami, the synth letting loose all kinds of deathly noises that wash over the backdrop as it swells beyond its confines. If "B-l-132 Acid" showed how acid's brute power could be expressed in unusual ways, "Acidattack" is a guttural and unforgiving flip on "traditional" acid to the point of feverish delirium. The EP finishes off with the chopped-and-stretched curio "Ostia Girl," which sounds like something you might end a set with—it's a good comedown from the panic-inducing "Acidattak."
  • Tracklist
      A B-L-132 Acid B1 Acid Attak B2 Ostia Girl