Charleston - Red Hearts of Gold

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  • Two chaps who have quite different tastes run Good Bait: one favours drum machines, house and techno. The other? Guitars, singers and bands. The imprint's second EP, therefore, is split down the middle just as clearly: Charleston's originals combining tortured female vocals with trilling strings, fizzing feedback, lurching drum work and plenty of echo and reverb to come over like an extroverted, aggressively ethereal The xx. And so to the remixes: Stavrogin strips "Provocateur" to a lurching drum beat peppered with hollow percussion and tinny garage aesthetics, and Chamboche reduces "Red Hearts of Gold" to a militant, rattling march that slowly grows with the layering of pattering toms and sombre synths. It's beguiling for sure, but remixing the same track, Youandewan steals it with another of his shuffling and insular underwater deep house jams. The barely-there knocking beats, swirling pads and muffled basslines are soothing, yet surreptitiously work you into quite a dance without you really realising it.
  • Tracklist
      01. Red Hearts of Gold 02. Provocateur 03. Red Hearts of Gold (Youandewan Remix) 04. Provocateur (Stavrogin Remix) 05. Red Hearts of Gold (Chamboche Remix)