KiNK - Hand Made

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  • KiNK may get a lot of attention for the old-school inflection he brings to his tunes, particularly those he produces with Neville Watson. But on "Hand Made," Strahil Velchev's latest for Rush Hour, he's gone full-on epic—albeit with the sort of admirable restraint that makes the tune that much sweatier. Beginning with a muffled, oddly shaped guitar loop churning over a solid kick, the track starts slowly. As its percussion expands and strings infiltrate, you know it's only a matter of time before KiNK really takes aim at our gut. Still, I'm not sure you can prepare for the sort of explosion we're treated to: like a fireworks display remembered from childhood, it's oversized, nostalgia-tinged and deeply affecting. KiNK never overplays his hand though. While a vocal-free dub is provided, you'll undoubtedly want to go with the main version—Rachel Row's overlayed coos provide some much-needed sweetness to an otherwise fiery combination. "Express," by comparison, seems content to keep to the sidelines. Sampled train sounds and drums that mimic them dominate the mix, giving the track a vibe better suited to travel between gigs than for the shows themselves. Still, a hefty low-end makes the thing ripe for a blast on a good system. It's a B-side if ever there was one—just as you couldn't imagine "Hand Made" anywhere other than front-and-center.
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      A1 Hand Made feat. Rachel Row A2 Hand Made (Dub Mix) B Express