Teengirl Fantasy - Motif

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  • Teengirl Fantasy reside in the same abstract electronic scene as Hyperdub's first lady of trippy, off-kilter techno, Laurel Halo—although their music is nowhere near as experimental as their friend, who also collaborates on their forthcoming album. That's not to say that the music here is unadventurous. Far from it. In fact, "Motif" is two tracks in one, beginning in trad Detroit-esque style with portentous bass drums and imposing synth filigrees; then, midway through, it morphs into a twinkling Balearic/acid swirl. If the former is made with the dance floor in mind, "Eternal" has a grandiose Orbital-style heft about it, a complex ocean of conflicting drum patterns, fairground synths and wistful counter melodies. You can see how one of modern techno's most fascinating producers, Actress, felt inspired to get involved. His reworking of "Motif" drowns its beats in the bath, with only a rumbling bass synth pattern checking in at regular intervals for company, leaving nothing from the original intact.
  • Tracklist
      A Motif B1 Eternal B2 Motif (Actress #! Remix)