Nina Kraviz - Aus

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  • Nina Kraviz's full-length debut earlier this year proved that the Russian house empress has a winning line in atmospherics and emotion. "Aus"—one of the record's moodier tracks—features freaky, slow-fast-slow, out-of-sync time structures, a clunking kick drum rhythm and pitch-bent Rhodes. It proves a fertile ground for remixers. Rhythm Odyssey—ex-Bizarre Inc and Chicken Lips man Dean Meredith—drags "Aus" back somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago circa 1987. It's smart music-making, Meredith spotting the old skool-ish charms of the vocal, then letting it run free among squiggly, sinuous acid basslines and fizzing hi-hats. Rekids boss Matthew Edwards then unleashes a box of snapping tom-toms and slapped congas all over "Aus," interspersing it with beeps and shutter clicks. It sounds like a lorry being reversed into a clutch of photographers. It's left to New Jersey native DJ Qu to lead "Aus" back to gentler, moodier territory. Punctuated by a vocal seemingly plunged in an out of a bathtub, it's a mix of burning deep, dubby house with beats that are almost imperceptibly light in texture.
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      A1 Aus feat. King Aus On The Mic A2 Aus feat. King Aus On The Mic (The Rhythm Odyssey Warehouse Tape Edit) B1 Aus feat. King Aus On The Mic (Matthew E "Radio Slave" Remix) B2 Aus feat. King Aus On The Mic (DJ Qu Remix)