The KDMS - Kinky Drama and Magic Stories

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  • The KDMS is the most recent collaborative project from nu-disco's sultry British songstress Kathy Diamond. Back in 2007 she released (under Afro-house maestro Maurice Fulton's patronage) a shiny yet subdued album for Permanent Vacation, but since then her most iconic moments have been guest vocal spots on little gems such as Aeroplane's "Whispers," Kaine's "Love Saves the Day" or Mario & Vidis' "In My System." This time around, she has befriended Polish producer Maximilian Skiba, mostly known for his Teutonic tech-house 12-inches for Boxer Recordings. Together as The KDMS (get it?) they create the kind of non-ironic, let's-slap-that-bass-like-there-is-no-tomorrow disco that isn't "nu" or "old," just slightly dated and timeless at the same time. Much of Kinky Drama and Magic Stories falls into the middle-of-the-disco-dance-floor category on which the tempo is never amped up enough to fully lose yourself. This is displayed on various songs such as "Something's Eatin' Me," "Never Stop Believing," "Part Time Lovers" and "Your Love is Right," which would all be rather inconsequential if it wasn't for Diamond's appearances, which save the day thanks to her quirky vocal inclinations. Thankfully, there are enough moments to make the Kinky Drama and Magic Stories trip worthwhile. "Wonderman"'s blend of piano-led melody and frenetic cowbells or the strings fest that feverishly closes "Circles" are hard not to succumb to, just like main single "Tonight" with its uplifting chorus (even included is the Morgan Geist version as an extra cut, which adds a more upbeat feel to the track's original brilliance). "Killer" has a more percussive, slightly tribal vibe, while "No Sad Goodbyes" is an off-kilter slo-motion house number based on lethargic handclaps, fake strings and subtle organs. Despite its somber allure and slower tempo, it remains the album's most accomplished and exhilarating six minutes, even though it can't do away with the fact more kink and more drama would have been more than welcomed overall.
  • Tracklist
      01. High Wire 02. Wonderman 03. Tonight 04. Circles 05. Something's Eatin' Me 06. Killer 07. Never Stop Believing 08. Part Time Lovers 09. Your Love Is Right 10. No Sad Goodbyes 11. Wonderman feat. Alexis Taylor (Justus Kohncke Remix) 12. Tonight (Morgan Geist Remix)