Still Going - D117

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  • Though prolific remixers, Still Going don't often drop original sides. When they do, it's typically cause for celebration. The pairing of House Of House's Olivier Spencer and Eric "Dr. Dunks" Duncan has given us some of latter-day DFA's finest moments in "Still Going Theme" and "Untitled Love," two wonders of vintage sensibility and contemporary sound design. The first release on the duo's eponymous label may not hit you with the force of either of those two, but "D117" is a fine outing nevertheless. Featuring LCD Soundsystem drummer and James Murphy's DJ sidekick Pat Mahoney on disco stomp and Fischerspooner's Lizzy Yoder on vocals, the track starts huge and spends its nearly nine-minute runtime gliding as smoothly as a zeppelin: the bassline propels, shimmering strings provide the tailwind and a monster guitar solo is the complimentary champagne. (You'll find said riffage on both sides; the "Guitar Mix" on the flip, as best as I can tell, just mutes the vocal.) "D117" is more a testament to Liv Spencer's engineering chops than ingenious songwriting, which is perhaps part of why "Theme"—a brilliantly compact earworm if ever there was one—remains the jewel of their discography. Regardless, it's strong work, and about as great-sounding as contemporary disco gets.
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      A D117 B D117 (Guitar Mix)