Omar-S - 998

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  • Omar-S completists must be having a financially strenuous time of late. The Detroit badman has kept up a great lick of releases since late 2011, and introduced a number of new names in the process. The 998 does the same, with Omar offering up three originals and one tune from Patrik Sjeren that peel away from standard 4/4 kicks and off into dark, dense electro and techno territory. "Income Tax Refund Dance" opens the EP with a studious air of mystery thanks to haunting keys that float between heat-damaged synth and percussion sounds. Listing to it is like treading water, you hang just about in the same space for the duration. If Tim Burton made electronica, this might be what it sounded like. "The White Castle Song" is textbook Omar-S, where the rough brushes up against smooth with beguiling results. Characterised by typically '80s-sounding and unresolved Atari melodies, the sandy, scuffed underside keeps things from getting too harsh. Sjeren's "Untitled" doesn't bother with the softer side: It's raw, brutish and punchy techno that bangs end-to-end. Omar returns for the finale, "3C 273," which offers a final curveball in the form of a lively, sparking yet superbly introspective electro jam. There seems to be plenty of fuel in his tank at the moment. Ignore him at your peril.
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      A1 Omar-S - Income Tax Refund Dance A2 Omar-S - The White Castle Song B1 Patrik Sjeren - Untitled B2 Omar-S - 3c 273