Svreca - Vilna / Hagagatan

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  • The Spanish label Semantica continues its usual brisk output with a ten-inch clear vinyl, Vilna, curiously marked as 33A even though the label's recent catalog numbers now reach into the 40s. It's not the first time the numbering appears to have gone out of order, but it makes little difference: the record shows that label boss Svreca's take on techno is as compelling as it's ever been. Like most of his own material, "Hagagatan" seems fit to go on endlessly into the dark, riding out a single anxious moment pierced timidly by high-end ringing and suffocated beneath heavy atmospheric disturbances. After crafting an excellent remix on Semantica at the beginning of the year, Canadian experimental veterans Orphx are back in the fold with a much more forceful rework, this time for Svreca's "Vilna." Just be sure to watch your levels because there's a huge kick drum that punches through in the middle, which then gives way to rapid-fire riffs and searing blasts of vaguely melodic noise. It's relentless and frantic—in other words, an ideal track for peak-time sessions.
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      A Vilna (Orphx Remix) B Hagagatan