Sei A - Speicher 71

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  • The increasingly versatile Scotsman, Sei A, continues to stray evermore into abstract, intricate sound design and bass heavy techno with the two tracks he delivers here for Kompakt Extra. "Hawk Tone" is ravey from the off: What other associations are there upon hearing such amped-up horn stabs? Far from going all-out "oi-oi" though, Sei A pulls the track back into vast echoing chambers where scraping sounds, airy hi-hats and a certain untold menace lurk round the edges. It's subtly industrial, carrying on from where Martyn's Ghost People album left off late last year. Maybe. The flip, "Play My Mind" is less about cavernous spaces, with its coiled rhythms and unhinged beat juggling. Left and right it punches, leaving micro-bacterial clicks and pulses in its wake, forever slicing a path through wrought iron chords and the slightest shards of a human voice. It's quite possibly one of the most original techno/bass/garage fusions you'll have heard for a while.
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      A Hawk Tone B Play My Mind