A Sagittariun - Born Under 22 Stars

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  • This is the best A Sagittariun release yet, maybe because it seems to fully indulge the dreamy, spiritual and astrological associations of the moniker, going longer, deeper and further into techno serenity than ever before. None more so than "Wind Tunnel," which is seven-odd minutes of fast, warm flowing air, numbing sub belches and the sound of a sun-stroked wasp buzzing about inside it all. "Cyrranus 247" is more nagging and paranoid. The kicks punch instead of roll and the percussion is livelier, with blissful relief coming only when blurred strings interject for the briefest of breakdowns. "West of Ophiuchus" sounds like "Belfast"-era Orbital, soaring to great blurry-eyed heights over the course of ten tantrically elevating minutes. Rather than ease us back down, "Somewhere in Montpellier" hammers along, leaning into its kicks as if there were a stiff headwind. Claps and hi-hats pass by like lamp posts from a train, locking you in the groove but shifting you along at the same time. Though early releases were good, this third EP, you suspect, is the one that most comprehensively realises the vision A Sagittariun had when they assumed the moniker.
  • Tracklist
      01. Wind Tunnel 02. Cyrranus 247 03. West of Ophiuchus 04. Somewhere in Montpelier