Tone of Arc - Shaking the Sky

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  • Following in the stylistic footsteps of names like Maceo Plex and Art Department, Shaking the Sky offers two bouncy tracks from Tone of Arc, Dead Seal's new project. Though both are serviceable enough, the A-side in particular feels desperate to be a hit. This ambition is manifested in an excess of details. The track scurries from one idea to the other, seemingly to cram in as many proven tropes as it can. There are three different vocalists, for instance. This would be fine, of course, if they weren't spouting platitudes about touching each others' bodies and "getting on the floor." "No Pushers" works better, offering up three catchy motifs which slip over and under one another in coherent fashion. The transitions between the sections are quite suave, interlocking tight as a wicker basket. At first, a drawling organ spreads out like warm rays from the sun, pre-heating the canvas for a whimsical xylophone to take over.
  • Tracklist
      A Shaking The Sky B No Pushers