Cassegrain - Plate EP

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  • Cassegrain, the duo consisting of Greece's Alex Tsiridis and Berlin-based Huseyin Evirgen, are at their best when they get weird. At least, the relatively conventional melodies of their recent M_Rec LTD release didn't intrigue me as much as the tunneling techno they had produced for Prologue over the past year or so. Fortunately their Plate EP for Modal Analysis, a new label based in Athens, shows that their experimental tendencies are finely tuned for now. Both "Plate#1" and "Plate#2" lurch forth unevenly to the insistent, ghoulish jangle of ticks and hi-hats, and the former, with its smoothly sulking groove, goes on for almost nine minutes. But the record's finest moment is "Plate#2," which rides a sharply syncopated rhythm into what sounds like long panes of glass shattering in slow motion. Whatever it is, it's sure to leave a few heads in ragged shape, and while Kangding Ray's remix appearance might be a draw for many at first, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being overlooked. The Raston-Noton artist's trimming of "Plate#2" into a lean, agile stepper is a solid effort, to be sure, but it's not as remarkable as the confidently muscular original tracks from Cassegrain.
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      A Plate #1 B1 Plate #2 B2 Plate #2 (Kangding Ray Remix)