James Priestley & Marco Antonio - Baia 2012

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  • Here's a fairly mouth-watering proposition: A new release from James Priestley, curator of London's secretsundaze party, his first alongside equally tasteful MOS Deep producer Marco Antonio and all backed with rare remixes from Underground Quality-aligned American, Aybee. On top of that, the PR informs the uninformed "'Baia 2012' refers to the late '70s cosmic scene in and around Rimini, when a patchwork of styles was being presented in a wild but coherent way," adding yet more bait to the hook. Wild and coherent is about right for the original. Rather than some tried-and-tested smooth deep house study, the track swirls in a nebulous cloud of freewheeling keys, wet and squelchy claps, bongos and a ripping, acid-tinged bassline. It's a dusty patchwork at this point, but following the breezy entrance of some floaty sax notes and later a dreamy harmonic breakdown (Larry Heard-inspired, so we're told) the track kicks with renewed purpose and focus, engaging heels and hips as a result. On his Main Remix, Aybee rearranges the various elements into something that congeals more tightly and wallows in a deep, melancholic liquid groove, while his Alt Remix gets a lot murkier. Like a foggy sonic daydream, it's delicate and detached, perfect for those post-club comedown hours.
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      A Baia 2012 B1 Baia 2012 (AYBEE Remix) B2 Baia 2012(AYBEE Alt Pass Remix)