Nikola Gala - Only

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  • Proof that a simple kick drum, battered to an inch of its life, can still elicit hysteria, Berlin-based Greek producer Nikola Gala blurs the boundaries between strident techno and uptempo house with "Only." So, tech house, yes? Er, no actually. This is techno with house staples—snatched female vocal, piercing synth stabs—as a side dish. The gritty bass/drum interplay threatens to be EQed out of existence at the breakdown, but its patently obvious that Gaia knows the quartz-tough piledriving rhythm could eat it for breakfast if it fancied. It eventually arrives back on the scene to drive the point home. Berghain resident Ryan Elliott's take on techno is not as strident as Gaia's approach here, preferring to dispense with the brutal assault of the original in favour of twinkling hi-hats and a metronomic percussive thwack. In fact the bassline is pushed so far back in the mix that it almost disappears, overwhelmed by ethereal pads that peak... and then fall away.
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      A Only B Only (Ryan Elliot Remix)