Taster Peter and Heartik - Rapture

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  • If someone were to set out looking for evidence of the influence of prog on the post-millenial incarnation of tech house, then Taster Peter and Heartik's Rapture wouldn't be a bad place to start. Both sides of the record trade in gradual fluctuations of intensity and blissful, amorphous melodies over more obvious hooks. On the A-side, there's even a lengthy, spaced-out breakdown. Early on, things are decidedly more percussive, airy stabs fading rapidly away at sparse intervals. But as time goes on, these one-offs begin to coalesce into a more constant, dub-inflected whole. The more upbeat "Vulture" does something similar, gradually opening up a filter so that its blinding waves of synth build clarity and intensity. An undeniably effective beat lurks under both, piggybacking these slow-growing melodies. While last year's "#four," by Daniel Stefanik, concentrated more so on low-end acrobatics, it showed that constant momentum needn't necessarily crowd out variation. In constrast, the minimal melodies of "Rapture" and "Vulture" hammer away at the same spot for just a little longer than some people might like.
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      A Rapture B Vulture