Anthea - Lonber Attract EP

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  • For much of her production career, Anthea Marie Nzekwu has been associated with London-based Greek artist Alex Celler. Lonber Attract sees the woman who went from selling records at Phonica to having Phonica sell hers striking out on her own again. As ever, mood is her cornerstone, with the two main productions hovering around the ten-minute mark. "Lonber Attract" kicks off with what sounds like vocalist LK—ahem—enjoying herself (or perhaps she's just been woken up and asked if she wants a cup of tea), before a single-note bass wobble climbs into bed with her and off we go. A frazzled, oscillating, electronic purr slinks underneath a track that mixes minimal-style atmospheric tics with silken percussion. "What Where"'s undulating, sub-ambient pads may give an early impression of drifty wooziness, but the groove is tough, hi-hats snappy and mood menacing. tINI's take on "Lonber Attract" sees the German producer settle into a twisted Latin-cum-tribal groove; snatches of percussion are used as textural counterpoints to the fluid rhythm.
  • Tracklist
      A Lonber Attract B1 What Where? B2 Lonber Attract (tINI Remix)