Various Artists - Redose-1

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  • For the latest release on his Morphine label, Rabih Beaini (Morphosis, Ra.H) dusts off two tracks from the imprint's back catalog and hands them over to Donato Dozzy and Hieroglyphic Being to work some magic. Ra.H's "Spacepops," from 2009, was an unstable assemblage of splintered clave rhythms and guttural synth gurgle that sounded at points like a Dr. Rhythm being devoured by crickets. Confronted with material so extreme, Dozzy wisely takes the opposite approach, scooping off the acidic froth and extending the low-end with a pinging acid line and bass that rolls like a slow-motion series of depth charges. Dynamo Dreesn's vocals from the original reappear here, but all that muttering about space can't hide the fact that we're deep under water here, drifting in a galaxy of fanged creatures and phosphorescence. Hieroglyphic Being's rework of Madteo's 2008 track "Freak Inspector," on the other hand, sounds nothing like the original, a stumbling, liquid hip-hop jam featuring free-form lyrics from the Brooklyn rapper Sensational. Hieroglyphic Being works up a heavy, deliberate techno chug that unravels at the edges into ragged, rapid-fire oscillations; periodically, with a deranged woob woob woob, the beat reverses itself for a bar or two. The whole thing feels like a reel of tape being sucked into a broken machine, tangling up and spilling over in a mess of beautifully ungainly funk.
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      A Ra.H and Dynamo Dreesen - Spacepops (Donato Dozzy Remix) B Madteo and Sensational - Freak Inspector (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)