Stark Raving Mad - John Digweed & Nick Muir

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  • Stark Raving Mad, mixed and compiled by John Digweed & Nick Muir is the soundtrack for the movie with the same name. It’s quite an interesting release to say the least. It most certainly isn’t a mix compilation like the GU’s or Bedrock mix that Digweed has done in the past; rather it is a digitally mixed compilation (with movie snippets between tracks) that showcases unreleased tracks that Digweed & Muir have done, as well as some classic work that has appeared over the place in the last few years as well as current treats. On disc one, highlight tracks include the delicious driving baseline of Fitalic’s “Synchronic”. The Indian overtones of Moonface’s “Children of the Sun” provide a nice aura while many will be familiar with the deep and tribal beats of Shapeshifter’s classic track, “Flood”. The reggae touches of “Kritical” by Luke Fair will please many while the beat less aural brilliance of Digweed & Muir’s “Rikki’s Theme” soothes the first disc to a complete halt. The very brilliant original mix of “Imagine” by Fortunato & Montresor concludes a nicely arranged first disc. On disc two, an early highlight is White Room’s stunning “Strapped”, with its quirky beats and echoing melodies. Lemon 8 turns in a goodie with his hit “Lose Control”. Digweed & Muir also provide another moment of genius with the sinister “Mondrian”, which feature stunning drum patterns and a dark electro melody to boot. Voyager’s classic “Time Travel” will bring back memories of years past for many as the brilliant vibes from Belgian producers Pole Folder & CP slowly fade in with their gorgeously constructed classic, “Apollo Vibes”. The breakbeat fury of “A Better Place” by DJ Tarmin and Rabbit in the Moon’s Monk conclude a variety packed 2nd disc. This is not a bad release by any stretch. It’s definitely not up there with the Digweed Global Underground releases, and dare I say it the Northern Exposure mixes. In fact, it really shouldn’t be compared with these releases, rather, it would be better compared to any other movie soundtrack on the market. It looks a much better release this way. Essentially, it’s a great collection of unheard tunes amongst classics of a few years past.