Doc Martin - Fabric 10

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  • The Fabric series finally hits the big 10, and it reaches the milestone in real style with a tasty mix from Doc Martin. Doc began mixing in the mid 80’s, so he is hardly a Johnny come lately DJ, and this mix upholds all his values as a DJ. Mixed live on three decks and a mixer, this release showcases the live aura that Doc achieves at his nights at the club in Farringdon. The mix begins with the rumbling baseline and spoken words of Markus Enochson’s “Musical Prayer”. The beats slowly build into one of the highlight records of the mix, that being “Dig Deep” by Broker/Dealer, a combination of stunning melodic tones, subtle stabbing synths and intricate drums. The house vibes and vocals of “Second Wind” by Rise Ashen gives the mix a smooth flow while the tribal drums and chants of “AU” by REV take the mix deeper. Brett Johnson’s brilliant “Stucco Homes” gets a twisted and trippy reworking from Return of the Ghost while the bouncy baselines and electro drones of DJ Bucks’ “Highlights” is exactly what the name suggests. The very sexy “Son of Stitt” by One Decks & Popular closes the mix in interesting fashion. I must say that this is definitely one of the better mixes from the Fabric series so far. If there is one weakness it is that that the first half of the mix is slightly stronger then the latter, as the first few tracks blend together brilliantly. Definitely worth a listen at the local record store. This is sure to please.