Bicep/Unknown - Make Love in Public Places

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  • Purveyors of one of electronic music's wittiest blogs in Feel My Bicep they may be, but when it comes to production, this Northern Ireland-bred, London-based DJ duo have an aura that transcends the usual ersatz buzz. The ever canny Will Saul has already had the perspicacity to ink Bicep in for a release on Aus later in 2012—but "$tripper" is more than a whistle whetter. It is, admit Bicep, an unashamed celebration of '90s New Jersey garage—fruity, wild, sweaty, party music. It features a (possibly) orgasmic lady grunting, Nervous skippity-hop percussion, quivering bass stabs and a menacing single-note synth undertow. The key to its success is simplicity. The flip, a sultry Studio 54-style disco burner called "A Man's Best Friend," is rather a mystery—but few will care that it's artist Unknown considering the A-side it shares the 12-inch with. Tantalisingly, "$tripper" is vinyl only at present—head to Bicep's Soundcloud page and there are punters lying prone in supplication, begging to be sent MP3 versions. They may eventually get their wish for a digital release. In the meantime, for those lucky few with the black stuff, "$tripper" is dance floor gelignite.
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      A Bicep - $tripper B Unknown - A Mans Best Friend