Arttu - Get Up Off It / Nuclear Funk Remixes

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  • Dexter and A Made Up Sound offer two radically different reworks of Arttu's "Nuclear Funk" and "Get Up Off It," released last fall. Arttu's "Get Up Off It" was a lumbering cut modeled after early Chicago house at its most skeletal, but Dexter flips the script entirely, looping the titular phrase over a syncopated electro groove, and turning the original's sullen shuffle into tremolo-soaked space funk. A Made Up Sound, AKA 2562, preserves the through-line of "Nuclear Funk," maintaining its murky bassline and funky mutterings, but he completely rearranges the rhythm track, swapping out the congas and sparse machine drumming for a snapping, swinging, garage-like groove. Shed's Wax material comes to mind, but this feels both more brooding and more bruising; between the atonal synths and the pitch-shifted spoken word, it makes "da funk" sound like an almost hellish proposition.
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      A Nuclear Funk (A Made Up Sound Remix) B Get Up Off It (Dexter Remix)