October & Borai - Level Abstain

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  • Somewhat prophetically described earlier this year by RA's Kristan J Caryl as "a no-nonsense outlet for firm, fad-free house," Never Learnt continues to make its nicely understated point with another release that takes its intended audience seriously, courtesy of a two-tracker from pals October & Borai. It's undoubtedly the title track that's the more engaging of the two, taking no time at all to get going with thick slices of pulsing mid-range and a stuttering kick. Machine hisses and tightly-leashed percussion create a mildly claustrophobic atmosphere, while spatial relief is provided by the occasional vocal which opens everything up. Not much occurs in the way of progression—save for the flicking open of a few squelch-taming filters—but it's moody, tense and contains enough interesting diversions that a relatively simple arrangement is all it requires. "Vital Ital Rub"'s earthy rumbles are similarly dense—its globular bass burrowing around splintered roots while synthy spectres follow in its wake—and offers up a nice conclusion to another absorbing release from a promising young label.
  • Tracklist
      A Level Abstain B Vital Ital Rub