Voiski / Deception Plan - Unforeseen Alliances 1/3

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  • With this third release, the character of Zadig's Paris-based label Construct Re-Form is beginning to emerge. Like its predecessors, Unforseen Alliances 1/3 offers up shambling, bottom-heavy slabs of techno, but finishes them with patinas of glowing chords. Fellow Parisian Voiski is up first with the rolling "Ad Infinitum." The track has a "Spastik"-like hypnosis to it, only this time the locomotion comes from claves, rather than snares. True to the title, Voiski's filter-treated chords are fractal in nature, replicating themselves infinitely forward, pulsing as they go. The other two cuts come from Deception Plan, a collaboration between Paris' Doryan Javan and LA's Roque Hernandez. (The latter name will be familiar to fans of Historia y Violencia.) "Plan 0 (Maskirovka)" picks up the claves again, but fits them into a sparser pattern than Voiski's rollers. A throbbing, atavistic low-end provides the momentum, urging the track's roiling three-note motif constantly forward amid crisp hats and cymbals. "Plan 0 (False Flag)" is the very same tune, but with a tenser and more atmospheric sheen. Here, the claves have been excised, and the hats dilated into a steamy hiss. None of the three tracks are particularly groundbreaking, but they're executed well enough that few people will care.
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      A Voiski - Ad Infinitum B1 Deception Plan - Plan 0 (Maskirovka) B2 Deception Plan - Plan 0 (Dalse Flag)