Various Artists - Process Evolution EP

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  • Supreme Scyence is a new, collaborative female-only label. Its three main protagonists make up its first release, in which we have three mood-driven house cuts exploring similar but separate dead-of-night deep house vibes. Lady Blacktronika's is the highlight: "Understand My Heart" kicks a little quicker than her beatdown norm, but just as purposefully. The dropped kicks underpin veiled female coos, swirling pads and a buried-deep-within-the-mix guitar line that adds a gnarly edge to an otherwise radiant and airy arrangement forever on the move. Jenifa Mayanja's "The Calling" is the next best for the way it restlessly wriggles about in the same spot without ever really surging forward. That happens as a result of some rippling, overlapping, melted chord stabs that never leave the mix, instead acting as a muddled melodic screen behind which an African-sounding male chants indecipherably. Finally, sandwiched in between this and the aforementioned Blacktronika is Dakini9's paranoid and droning "Shamanic Echoes." It's a mysterious little shapeshifter that draws you right in and never chucks you out, thereby allowing you to catch your breath between the two more expressive offerings.
  • Tracklist
      01. Lola aka Dakini9 - Shamanic Echoes 02. Jenifa Mayanja - The Calling 03. Akua AKA Lady Blacktronika - Understand My Heart