Komonazmuk - Underground

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  • Frequent Appleblim collaborator and regular face on labels like Aus, Komonazmuk offers up an ode to pirate radio with "Underground." It's an extensive but simple look back: He digs the electro bass, keytar-esque licks and steppy house rhythms out of the attic and lets them do their thing. While inherently reverent, the combination manages not to succumb to mere 2-step homage, propped up by Komonazmuk's ever-present ebullience and some footwork-y sampling. Paul "Special Request" Woolford has been on a bit of a pirate radio tear recently, so it's no surprise to hear a remix from him on the flip. Woolford's apparent obsession of late has been channeling the future through the lens of memory, and he continues to surprise here, flipping "Underground" into supremely vibrant machine music. Yet there's something surprisingly hands-on in his approach: gorgeous new melodies, obsessively interlocked rhythms, even snippets of the original getting pulled back by some anonymous radio jock. Komonazmuk certainly put a nice spin on yesteryear's sound, but Woolford truly knots up the continuum.
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      A Underground B Underground (Paul Woolford Remix)