Baaz - Judy's Bass

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  • The vintage of Baaz's deep house almost suggests it's been made years ago and left in some dusty old cupboard to mature, marble and settle. Nothing here jolts. Instead, every element carefully adds to the sepia 4/4 vision. The result is a measured balance between soulful American stylings and a more obviously machine-driven European vibe. It's the drums which stand out of "Judy's Bass"—snappy and keen, slipshod yet functional, they are the form and foundation of a track which otherwise simply allows its roving synth to stretch out, pull in and repeat in dynamic but dreamy cycles. "Jeally" is a more peppery groove, with fluttering bongos riding up and down like merry-go-round horses at some blissed out fair during sundown, while "Carbon Hair" is a ready made catalyst for that point in the night when you need something to switch from lazy deep house into something more upright, forceful and techno-inclined.
  • Tracklist
      A Judy's Bass B1 Jeally B2 Carbon Hair