Lucy - Banality of Evil

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  • Lucy seems to be one of the few artists working within techno to whom names actually mean something. Banality of Evil may seem a little bit overwrought as the title of a release, but this conceptual musical reflection on Hannah Arendt's theory about Adolf Eichmann and the Nazis is both well-conceived and one that doesn't require you to be a fusty academic in order to appreciate. The four tracks on this release exercise a discipline and restraint which in a way continue the trend set by Stroboscopic Artefacts' previous release, Stellate 01. The emphasis is on the experimental, the pieces each reflecting a different facet of the subject. Roll The Dice feature on "Superior Orders," their synth lines contorted and disfigured to fit the dark aura. "Stanford Prison" stands out as the most uptempo offering, but is brought down to Earth by the sense of loss and bewilderment inherent in "Milgram Experiment." Finally, "Asch Paradigm" adds a note of primitivism, closing with a dominant primal grunt.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Superior Orders feat. Roll The Dice A2 Stanford Prison B1 Milgram Experiment B2 Asch Paradigm