Huxley - Out of the Box

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  • Boy is Huxley having fun at the moment, and boy is it showing in the music he's making. From all-out anthems like "Let It Go" to this, an expansive and expressive EP for Ralph Lawson's 2020 Vision. Not bad going considering the Londoner is also playing here, there and everywhere, running his own label and mixing it up in fine style for various podcasts. All three (four if you buy digitally) tracks here sit comfortably between the chin-stroking vanguard and the more accessible dance floor bomb. "Box Clever" is a polished mid-set roller that marries house grooves and incendiary piano stabs with bass music bigness. "Atonement" is more tightly coiled and kinetic but still swaggers like a rude boy and "Out of My Mind" is a modern garage gem. The sharp, glistening percussive slices which run up its middle are sweetened with sweeping pads and a bumping bassline, and even the now standard high-pitched female vocal is not unwelcome. Not only do Huxley's ideas continue to flow, but his ability to realise them with such élan continues to impress.
  • Tracklist
      A Box Clever B1 Atonement B2 Out Of My Mind Digital: Feel What You Want