Gerry Read - Yeh Come Dance

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  • It's already been pointed out here before, but it bears repeating: Gerry Read has murk. And it's quickly becoming a trademark. While it certainly blends in more in a Gerry Read deep house production, like those on Yeh Come Dance, than a Gerry Read garage track, it's a staple element of his style which drapes every vocal, kick and snare. Yeh Come Dance, his new four tracker for Delsin, draws back on the warmth of his previous Fourth Wave releases in favor of a more bitter sheen, murk intact. There's something of the New York sound of producers like DJ Qu and Levon Vincent and their jagged, pensive and very atmospheric deep house. Like their productions, Read's are straightforward, elemental grooves slightly bent: there's always a sample a bit off-key, a snare a tad too sharp, a melody that can't quite broach its way fully into the mix. Read, at 19 (an age that is quoted so often in reviews and press that it seems like he's been 19 for years), still has many releases ahead of him. Nonetheless, he's proving to be canny at nailing a breakdown (the heavy-footed kicks and claps of "Crooked" and "Crawlspace" give way to bursts of syncopated breaks that nod to 2-step) or fully droning out without losing any of the elasticity (the put-a-little-in, take-a-little-out approach on "Yeh Come Dance"). The learning curve is audible and it's a good thing: Read feels out every scrap of space on this EP, endlessly toying with the possibilities of established sounds.
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      A1 Yeh Come Dance A2 Crawlspace B1 Bozza B2 Crooked