Flashmob - Ninety Five

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  • When you're moved to create by a brilliant piece of music, do you: a) internalize all that is glorious about the original and let your own vibe flow forth, or b) just snip out its most recognizable element and throw your own unrelated material underneath? Plenty of producers have repurposed classic material transcendently (Sepalcure's multicolor rework of Logic's "The Warning" from a couple of years back comes to mind), but Italian duo Flashmob—working here with the instantly recognizable spoken-word bits from Mood II Swing's "Move Me"—aren't working at that level. Not even close, actually. Dipping into the same thin drum machine samples that scored their previous Get Physical one-tracker, last year's also-sampling "Brick House," Flashmob once again present the world with a tool we weren't exactly begging for: Mood II Swing's percussive original is certainly shades darker than "Ninety Five," but any DJ with a dollar in his pocket can hit up the used bins, find some mid-'90s "Drum-A-Pella Mix" or another, and forge his own blend, saving the .WAV handling fees and getting a wee history lesson in the process. Flashmob have a good sense of shape and balance—"Ninety Five" meanders from A to B quite nicely—but until they find their own voice, even marginally well-versed house fans will have a hard time noticing.
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      01. Ninety Five