Gregor Tresher - For Many Days to Come

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  • There are plenty of producers for who you can say their days are numbered, but in Gregor Tresher's case, that's unequivocally the case. Not because he's going out of vogue. It's just that after 95 Days and As Days Go By, For Many Days to Come marks the end of a series of "day"-oriented releases from the Frankfurt-based producer. What separates Tresher from many of his peers is an ability to flavour his productions with zest and vigour, but still steer a path around the choppy water of cheese. "For Many Days to Come" bounces along like Tigger on tartrazine; a piano motif tinkles in the background, an understated bassline winds in and out and there's a decidedly Teutonic, bubbling groove. It's techno with a glint in its eye, although some will argue that it's a little too linear in its approach. "Throwing Faces" occupies a broodier place, propelled there by snappy, skipping hi-hats and twinkling, buzzy keys that fizz and pop. Whenever the high tempo pauses for breath or a new element is introduced, the crowd roars its approval. Quite literally in this case, as Tresher drops in field recordings from the reaction a set of his received at Berghain last summer. The dance music equivalent of the Applause sign? Smart move, Mr T.
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      A Throwing Faces B For Many Days To Come