Just Be - Rain Come Down EP

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  • We're sticking our necks out here a tad—although it's hardly an act of unparalled bravery—but we think that Just Be, the new project from tech house/breakbeat stalwart Matthew "Bushwacka!" B, is named after the answer he has given to the endless enquiries of "What does the B stand for?" over nearly two decades of fine music making. B has often stood for brilliant, as his long musical relationship with Layo, as well as classic solo gems like "Healer" would often attest. Now, Bushwacka!/Just Be has settled at Audiofly's Maison D'etre imprint and turned out two witching hour treats of differing persuasions. "Rain Come Down" is made for the 4 AM floor shufflers, a pogoing bassline winding its way in and out of subtle fire alarm pulses, Jan Hammer-style synth drum rolls and single-phrase vocal drops. "Chameleon"'s more restrained approach soundtracks the first few rays of morning sunshine, roping in analogue tom-toms that play call-and-response with beefy digital percussion. It's topped off by a twinkling mournful/euphoric synth line and breathy vocal samples. As with much of Matthew Benjamin's canon, this is an EP that adeptly allies subtle melancholia to crisp, sharp drum programming.
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      A Rain Come Down B Chameleon