Tin Man - Sample House

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  • Tin Man's earliest EPs, inspired by old-school acid house, evoke a serenity reminiscent of Larry Heard's best work. More recently, Johannes Auvinen has experimented with vocals and acoustic instruments. Throughout all of his releases there is a sense of depth. It's still there on his first EP for Shaddock Records, but you have to listen a few times to catch it. "T_DD_T_RRY" obviously owes a debt to Todd Terry. Its analogue-sounding basslines are perfect for filling a big room. The percussion is functional and familiar, and added strings provide the perfect conclusion. Think of this as a love letter to the late '80s New York sound. With its congas and keys, "S_MPL_HOUSE" has a hint of Ron Trent's influence, but it never really finds its groove. The B-side begins with "AUT_REPEAT." Beats stomp and pan between channels, conjuring Soundhack without seeming derivative. "DJSN__K" draws a connection between the previous track and "Blue Funk Files"-era DJ Sneak, while syncopated pulses of chords predict the rise of broken beats.
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      A1 T DD T RRY A2 S MPL House B1 AUT Repeat B2 DJSN K