Infiniti - The Remixes: Part 1

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  • To celebrate the brain-bogglingly impressive milestone of 250 releases, Berlin techno titans Tresor have decided to knit together the old with the new. Back in the mid to late '90s, the imprint released two albums, The Infiniti Collection and Skynet, by Juan Atkins under his Infiniti guise, and now they are offering up a selection of cuts from each backed with contemporary re-workings from the likes of Function and Redshape. For the first of what will be three outings on coloured vinyl, it's The Orb's Thomas Fehlmann and long time label associate TV Victor who get the nod. For the uninitiated it might be hard to prize the originals and the remixes apart here. Whether that's testament to the vision of Atkins all those years ago or the sympathetic nature of the remixes is up to you, but what's not debatable is the liquid loveliness overall. "Walking on Water" and "Thought Process" are both subtle affairs that operate on wholly horizontal plains with rippling synths, pipetted droplets of water and gentle metallic zephyrs all bleeding into each other. As for the reworks, Fehlmann blends the first of those with another original not included ("Raindrops") into something just as purified and aqueous as an Infiniti original. His "Rain on Water" does get a touch choppy with time though, its underlapping beats gently licking at the thin pads above every time they break. Similarly, rather than do anything crazy, TV Victor's edit just increases the size of "Thought Process"'s ripples, almost as if he's dropped a slightly larger rock in the same tranquil pond. Everything here needs time to make sense, but that time is spent in a world so pleasingly placid and far away from here that you'll barely even notice it passing.
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      A1 Walking On Water A2 Walking On Water (Thomas Fehlmann Rain On Water Mix) B1 Thought Process B2 Thought Process (TV Victor Edit)