Bruno Pronsato - Lies About Nights, Truths About Days EP

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  • The man otherwise known as Steven Ford drops his premier track for London's Lick My Deck label, and as usual with the veteran producer, it's a leftfield stunner. Circular, vaguely Afro-Latin percussion patterns; a whirlpool of exotic, humid intonations; a minimalist touch of ghostly vocals; and a few handclaps for good measure—"Lies About Nights" is near-hallucinatory stuff, conjuring up a deep summer, late night vibe. It's a bit like an abstracted version of the voodoo house that Murk was producing in the early '90s, with about 50 layers of weirdness oven-baked on top. It's a lushly beautiful track, as is "Truths About Days," which works with a similar sonic palette, minus much of the percussion but with the addition of a driving rhythmic base and the subtly jazzy licks of a near-phantom Rhodes piano. There's a bit of a build as the track progresses, but like "Lies About Nights," it's basically an eight-minute groove—and also like its flipside, it's among the more beautiful deep house cuts so far this year.
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      A Lies About Nights B Truths About Days