Kodiak - Spreo Superbus

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  • Mark Jonathan Rutherford, known to followers of Soma Quality Recordings as Repeat Repeat, is (along with Jamie Kingett) the mastermind behind Kodiak, the latest snag for Jackmaster's Numbers juggernaut. If the duo's debut, "Spreo Superbus," doesn't set you shooting through the sky, then you may need to get your jet engines checked. While plenty scoff at the term "future bass" these days, I'm not sure there's a better way to describe this track: imagine yourself on a cigar boat 150 years from now weaving between half-sunk skyscrapers in a long-deserted New York City, and you've basically got the point. That the collection includes a Girl Unit remix suggests this thing isn't already a dead ringer for Night Slugs, and rhythmically it's right on that vibe. But there's something seriously ambitious about Kodiak's sonics, though, that catapults "Spreo Superbus" into an orbit all of its own. So what can Girl Unit bring to a track that doesn't fall too far from his own tree? The Londoner ends up taking a streamlining approach, hammering out the original's funkiness into something more direct but not really harder-hitting. If the original's futuristic vision is kind of awesome, Girl Unit's tomorrowland feels distinctively dystopian, with sweet melodies trailing off in a Doppler smear before they have the chance to register as catchy. Not surprisingly, Actress's "Uraeus Mix" comes out of left-field: sleepy, spare and whimsical, it's not so much a remix as a counterimage. The enormous bass that takes over in the final third, though, will snap you out of whatever dreamstate you've been lulled into.
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      A Spreo Superbus B1 Spreo Superbus (Actress Remix) B2 Spreo Superbus (Girl Unit Remix)