Tevo Howard - The Monument EP

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  • The music which makes up Tevo Howard's second outing on Buzzin Fly is much more aggravated than his last. It's punchy, jagged and almost visibly wired together by myriad machine-made lines and sines. They're variously arpeggiated, serrated or bristling, and join up crisp percussion and real sounding drums into something that's curiously Chicago, yet melodic and forward-facing at the same time. The near-frenzied whistles, squeals and screechy notes that add colour to the title track would sound odd in isolation, but when softened with bumping kicks they soundtrack a speedy whizz through an unfamiliar cosmos. The rasping synths and ripped edges of "Conditional Love" are far from standard either. They mesh with a dense network of mad xylophones, woody ticks and drunken spirits, tearing in all directions and offering little respite. Closer "The Wind of the World" shares the same frazzled synth lines, but this time drifting melodies offer a taming influence on the brash machines below.
  • Tracklist
      A Monument B1 Conditional Love B2 The Wind Of The World