Moomin - Sleep Tight

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  • As we heard on his excellent debut, The Story About You, Moomin's sound is warm, romantic and inviting (just look at the title here). This new EP continues in that vein, where spare 4/4 frameworks are established early on and the main focus of each track is essentially about how the resulting gaps are filled. Most often it's with a roughshod collection of pinging toms, sharpened claps and swirling pads, though plenty of found sounds also lurk within. The title track is aptly named for its modern lullaby overtones. If you have young kids, the soft edged and rippling chords which roll over more kinetic beats and hi-hats might be the perfect thing to send them off to sleep. A muffled sax and male voice also infuses the already fuzzy ambiance with yet more soulfulness, while "Humbling Love" is the sound of playing outdoors on a hazy and lazy summer afternoon. Finally, "Catch a Cold" again does that Moomin trick of pairing fairly firm, well-defined drums and crisp percussion with more rolling and incidental melodies and streams of earthy hues.
  • Tracklist
      A Sleep Tight B1 Humbling Love B2 Catch A Cold