Boytalk & Klinke Auf Cinch - FDF SOUL #1

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  • It seems that Delsin aren't the only ones starting up a house label. The guys at Freund der Familie have done the same, bringing their stable up to three imprints and nine releases. Freund der Familie Soul, as its name suggests, sidesteps the menacing sound that has characterised the parent label's previous releases. In fact, both sides here almost take the other extreme, looking for easy, upbeat feelings, but thanks to a woozy falling-unconscious finish on the sound, the effect is more psychedelic, like taking acid at a child's birthday party. Boytalk's "Der Bestrafungstanz" is a case in point, letting giggly melodies drift through a slow motion house frame. Filburt's remix grounds the track with more recognisable piano licks and an urgent kick drum that is more immediately dance floor, but their mutual power is that played back-to-back the two feel like the black and white of the same scene of innocent madness. In Klinke Auf Cinch's "Nieselregen," the humour is played out in the percussion, where the seriousness of the bass groove is lightened by the restless rim shots and the smiling xylophone patterns. Monkey Maffia's remix works the same way as Filburt's inversion on the first side: the bass gets an upgrade and the mischievous drums are filled out, yet all the while there's a disorienting dream seeping through the in-between spaces.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Boytalk – Der Bestrafungstanz A2 Boytalk – Der Bestrafungstanz (Filburts Too Late Mix) B1 Klinke Auf Cinch – Nieselregen B2 Klinke Auf Cinch – Nieselregen (Monkey Maffia's Hype The Jungle Remix) B3 Klinke Auf Cinch – Nieselregen (Scratchtool)