Echonomist / Andrade - Obstacles / Dancing

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  • Venetian house label Back & Forth like to share their releases, so each of them is a bit of a mixed bag. On Echonomist, AKA Greek producer Petros Manganaris, side of the 12-inch, "Obstacles" jumps off with what sounds like the kick and snap of INXS' "I Need You Tonight" before simmering down into mournful, minor key deepness. Vocalist Mz Sunday Luv may be talking about the Hellenic economy with the line, "The vultures will circle till you're down on your knees." Polish producers Pol_On, who've released material on Freerange in the past, dispenses with much of the synth-emoting that populate the original. Instead they drive "Obstacles" forwards on a mid-paced locomotive rhythm, complete with tripped-out FX and retro synth pads. Parisian Andrade takes over the flip with "Dancing." He rubs it in Rhodes keys and the teensiest of vocal samples although it never quite sparks. It's left to Berlin's Quell to win the four-way battle. He drags "Dancing" into a smoky shebeen where he plies it with '90s housey synth stabs, mashed out vocals and a grinding, locked-in rhythm. It's the best of a solid, if unremarkable, package of deep Euro house.
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      A1 Echonomist feat. Sunday Luv - Obstacles A2 Echonomist feat. Sunday Luv - Obstacles (Pol On Remix) B1 Andrade - Dancing B2 Andrade - Dancing (Quell Remix)