RaucherEcke - Papierfabrik

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  • After two initial records on local imprint 200, RaucherEcke—a Cologne-based duo—here step up for a third, this time on another of the city's stables, Treibstoff. Sequenced with sharply-defined hi-hats and sleek synth work, the eponymous cut is a decent example of the European interpretation of Detroit techno. Sidestepping the Motor City's sometime penchant for intense melodic rhythms, it swims with spacey pads, managing to sound benign and distant. "Drei Töpfe" takes a more drum-heavy tack, introducing slappy bongos and a jostling cadence. Though bumping sharply along, its snarling but anemic chords seem to fade forlornly, rather than really pop. "Der Tropfende Kessel" almost sounds like a tribute to Booka Shade. Set around cute plucked bass and not much else, its woozy swagger and tinny tech house percs mark it a likely candidate for lazy after-hours dance floors.
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      A Papierfabrik B1 Drei Toepfe B2 Der Tropfende Kessel
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